United We Are Democrats

Rebuilt from the ground up with new ideas on how things should be done.

Democrats offer a government for, of and by the people. We support mutual responsibility, rooted in our shared values and common goals. We believe in an America where the private depends on the public, and that government provides resources that benefit everyone.

  1. Respect for all
  2. Protection at home and abroad
  3. An economy that works for everyone
  4. Investment in infrastructure
  5. Innovation for business success and job creation
  6. Healthcare for all
  7. Vibrant schools and skills training
  8. Wise defense


A Community, United.

We want to put this country back together.
To renew our sense of community.
It’s time for Americans to trust each other again.
To look out for each other.
To listen to, understand, and respect each other.
To get back to the business of achieving a more perfect union.
Strengthening our foundations.
Supporting growth.
Demonstrating our Democratic values.
Through actions. Not promises.
Living as a community, united.

Join the Northville Democratic Club and become part of the political change that unites us and moves Michigan forward.


2017 Members

You can help make a difference.
We have a lot of work before election day.

Contact Us

Email us @ Northville Democratic Club or use the form to send us a quick message.

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