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Join the NDC

Email us at info@northvilledems.com to join the NDC.  If you would like to make a donation  – we welcome your support!

Here are suggested donations, but any amount is welcome.

  • $30: Regular membership
  • $20: Seniors (65 and over)
  • $5: College students (fee is optional)
  • $0: High School Students
Donate by Check

To pay for your dues submit your check made payable to Northville Democratic Club to:
P.O. Box 221
Northville, MI 48167

Donate Online

To Donate on-line with a credit card, click on this link:
Pay Via ActBlue

We’re Here to Help!

The Northville Democratic Club is established under the Charter of the Michigan Democratic Party.  The Club is organized in accordance with and abides by the rules of the Michigan Democratic Party and operates in compliance with the appropriate laws of the State of Michigan.  A casual organization existed during the 1990s, and a formal organization began in March of 2005. As of today, the Club has almost 1,500 members and supporters.

Goals of the Northville Democratic Club

  1. Increase the number of Club members and supporters;
  2. Increase the participation of Club members and supporters in Club meetings, projects and events;
  3. Raise money for our PAC through the collection of dues, fund raisers and other activities;
  4. Donate PAC funds judiciously to Democratic candidates who are running effective campaigns;
  5. Identify Democratic voters in Northville and Northville Township;
  6. Endorse and/or promote the candidacies of worthy Democratic candidates;
  7. Encourage Democratic voters to get to the polls on election day or to vote via absentee ballot.

2019 Officers

President Lisa DiRado
Vice-President Roland Hwang
Treasurer Randa Cain
Secretary Dana Fortier

2019 Trustees

Susan Nichols
Herb Helzer
Dinah Payne
Christian Alvarado
Luci Klinkhamer
Jerry Oljace
Jason Blakenship

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